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What the crest of Dexheim tells us!

Dexheimer Wappen

The first documental mention of Dexheim was in 774 and it was considered one of the empire
villages during the Middle Ages. As empire village it was directly subordinate to the emporer
and the empire.
Dexheim was allowed to carry the crest of the empire eagle with the black claws and beak on
golden background as a free empire village. Later the village was owned by the electorate
palatinate and it abdicated the right to establish the crest of the palatinate lion. The
community of Dexheim could therefore not only keep the empire eagle as a village crest, but
also as a crest of their court seal until the end of the 18th century. However, in the 19th century
the crest was forgotten.
The crest of Dexheim was not used until the mid 20th century. With that it was falsely
assumed that Dexheim had an empire apple in its crest. But the true historical crest of
Dexheim only shows the empire eagle.
For more information, please visit the homepage of Dexheimer Geschichtsvereins e.V.

Original stamp of 1769 without empire apple.

Dexheimer Siegel