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The old baking house of 1656

The old baking house of 1656 is a rarity, of which the people
of Dexheim are very proud of. It has been restored and
painted recently. In the old days, the baking house was
found in all villages, but only a few remain today. In 1982
the building was given as a present to the community and has
been under monument onservation.
The community bought the adjoining building and in 1985 they
were renovated on the in and outside. The old baking room
was revived and serves as a community meeting place today
with an integrated meeting room.



The Castle of Dexheim

In 1259 Dexheim was an empire manor and about 1400 an
electoral palatinate village.
The castle burned down in 1683 as a result of wartime events
and today there only remains a tower gate.

 katholische Kirche.jpg

The Catholic Church Mariä Himmelfahrt

The church was built in 1912-13 by cathedral master builder
Ludwig Becker as a small vaulted hall in the late gothic style.
To the North side there is a square flanks tower with a tracery
frieze and an upper floor of slate. The interior of the edification
period is still complete.

 evangelische Kirche.jpg

The Protestant ParishChurch

The protestant parish church shows a Romanesque tower
with a gable roof. Paintings from 320 (Christ thrones on
the vaulted ceiling) and the 15th century as well as 1705
were uncovered in 1958 in the former altar room.

 altes Feuerwehrhaus.jpg

"The old Fire Department House"
This is used by the community as utility building.


"Guidepost Stone"
Is located in front of the community administration and stood
in the past at the way crossing to Guntersblum.  

"200 years old Linden Trees"
at the cemetery of Dexheim

In 1804 the Napoleon decree regulated the burial
procedures in all details, requiring the
villages and towns to move their cemeteries only
outside of their communities. The people of
Dexheim were probably not enthused about this decree,
but didn´t have no other choice but to
establish a new cemetery in a partial area of
“In den Weidengärten” in 1808. The two Linden
trees in front of the cemetery, which are about 200 years old,
originated from this time. 

The Water Repository of Dexheim from 1907

The façade walling of all water repositories, which held the controls
and instruments, were build with ashlar masonry.
This masonry has straight and horizontal joints accurately worked,
though with a primary view of crude swells of Flonheimer sand
and cut stone. The portal sides point to the cognisant community.
The building year and location are inscripted on all
main and high repositories.


Freier Platz

A comfortable spot at the “Freie Platz” the free place in the center of the village.

Haus in Dexheim

Haus in Dexheim

Rastplatz für Radler

The newly designed water fountain along the bicycle path invites you to rest

Blick auf Dexheim

View of Dexheim and Dyckerhof way.



A seeder with hauling horses, in the background “Catholic church”

An Old Postcard of Pictures from Dexheim

Above left: Schloß Street

Above right: “Free Place”
with Court House and view
of Dalheimer Street

Below left: Zöller Street

Below right: Colonial Goods Store Berges
and War Monument


Born Street with view of “Free Place”
Luftbild Dexheim

Aerial photograph of the “Old” Dexheim
Luftbild Dexheim

Aerial photograph of the “New” Dexheim