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The Community of Dexheim
Common Community:
Village Mayor:
Hubert Horn
Population Figure:
1473 (Stand 30.06.2008) to the population statistic  
565 ha, from this approx. 200 ha vineyards
 Living and wine growing community ( famous wine: “Dexheimer Doktor”)
 with agriculture. 
Historical baking house as well as historical castle gate.
 Protestant church tower of the 9th century with a Mandorla on the vaulted
  ceiling and gothic tendriled paintings in the embrasure of the East window 
  of the 13th century.
 The “Big Rock” of Dexheim, a menhir or standing stone, was originally
 a probable cult-stone, during the Middle Ages most likely a border stone. 
  Former location of the “In den Rech” area at the K44 to Oppenheim.