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Dexheim is located in the middle of a well developed infrastructure.

     --> Physicians and pharmacies can be reached in Nierstein and Oppenheim in approx. 2 km distance.
          The Emergency center is located at the fire department in Oppenheim (Fon 19292).

     --> A link-up of public transportation by bus and the railway system of DB is available
          (station Nierstein).

     --> Shopping facilities are located in about 2 km distance with supermarkets in Nierstein
          and a shopping center in Oppenheim.

     --> In the center of the village itself is a small store, which carries everything for your
          daily needs from baking goods to postal stamps.

     --> On the edge of the village is the Windelcenter Berges with stationeries, school supply
          as well as diapers and sanitary products.

     --> The Kindergarten (supporting organisation Protestant Church) is located in the middle
          of the village in a quiet area in the area of the sports field and community hall.

     --> There are churches of both confessions with active church communities.

     --> Clubs

     --> Dexheim is well known for its idyllic adventure playground with barbeque area, which
          draws parents and children as well as school groups and Kindergartens near.

     --> new sport and community hall
     --> „Kultur auf dem Hof“ (culture in the yard) is not only a magnet for the younger,
           but also the older generation,which offers cabaret and music of decades long
           ago and also classical music.

     --> The „Winery Historic“ is new, and combines wine and history in a wonderful vaulted
           ceiling hall with exhibitions of Celtic and Roman findings.

      --> the village community is developing a building site near the catholic church of 50 to 60 lots at this time.